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Welcome to Metax23, where the future of technology meets business innovation. As leaders in AI, XR, web3, and digital transformation, we will equip your business with the right technological tools to embrace the future serenely; competitive edge on your side.

We are pioneering the integration of AI into every relevant facet of business operations. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technological solutions, driving companies towards unparalleled growth and productivity.

Our expertise lies in creating solutions where your future technological advance becomes part of your brand appeal, whilst enhancing present productivity beyond human capabilities.

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One stop shop for Cutting Edge Innovation Design Thinking, Compelling UI/UX, 360 Coding and Future Tech Consulting.


Product Design Thinking

1 to 3 months


Development & Quality review

3 to 6 months


App & Infra Maintenance


Bring your ambition
We build it together


Innovative by nature, we help you with product development, finding funds, legal aspects, business & product thinking, marketing, sales, and international scaling. With Future Technologies embedded in your strategic development, we will help you succeed.

We are also continuously helping Accelerators and Incubators secure unparalleled growth and innovation.


Wether in direct contact or through agencies, we can sub-contract, white-label, or co-contract our services in order to make sure we can design the best digital transformation for your specific needs. We always keep a business first approach whereby your ROI is our Priority.


Often ankylosed by their sizes, we take great pride in being able to ease workload bottlenecks, optimise processes and increase productivity in PTCs and Corporations. Internal audit is our first step to identify your structure’s pain points and where our innovation can have the most impact the quickest. Our three step approach (audit, development, & training) ensures that our changes are progressively integrated by your workforce, smoothly and permanently.